Maximize pantry storage capacity keeping everything within reach

DISPENSA Pantry Product Overview

The DISPENSA Pantry is a fully customizable pantry unit perfect for kitchen pantries and linen closet storage solutions. Stabilized by dual mounting points on the cabinet door and base, the unique Synchromatic floor-mounted runner system ensures a smooth open and close every time, even with the full load capacity of 265 pounds. Kesseböhmer’s SoftSTOPPpro closure means that slamming doors are a thing of the past. The patented ClickFixx technology makes for a tool-less assembly and simple adjustment.


  • Available in 10 widths and 4 heights
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Door mounted
  • Soft open & Soft close standard
  • 265 lb. load rating
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Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for the Dispensa Pantry by Kesseböhmer.


Ordering instructions
  1. Order a frame set. Includes frame, runners, door brackets, and integrated soft closures.
  2. Choose your shelf sets. Each set includes two shelves.
  3. Accessorize to customize Dispensa for your unique needs
Shelf ordering notes
  • Small Frame: use 1-2 shelf sets
  • Medium Frame: use 2-3 shelf sets
  • Large Frame: use 3-4 shelf sets
  • Extra Large Frame: use 3-4 shelf sets

Product Videos

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Dispensa Pantry Installation

Dispensa SoftSTOPPro


Customize your Dispensa with clear plastic storage boxes for dry goods or loose items. Each set includes four boxes with lids and two open containers for easy access. Support hardware included. Requires a minimum pantry opening width of 11.5″.


Order shelf holders for additional support when the Dispensa’s frame is extended more than eight inches in height. Two per set, available in champagne or silver.

Shelf Holder

Order the door stabilizer for Dispensa Pantry when you require additional support between the frame and your pantry door.

Door Stabilizer

Customize your Dispensa with our YouBoXx organization system.