Pick-up-and-go storage for cleaning products

cleaningAGENT Product Overview

cleaningAGENT serves as a practical under sink organizer for your cleaning products so that they’re always ready at hand whenever you’re working. The entire unit glides out from the cabinet, and one basket is attached to a removable caddy that allows you to carry products from room to room. Additional clipped-on dividers attach to the pull-out frame and are detachable. All plastic parts are top-rack dishwasher safe!


  • Keeps cleaners neat and tidy under the sink
  • Removable carrying caddy makes cleaning a breeze
  • Top rack dishwasher safe plastic trays
  • SoftStopp for a smooth and quiet closure

Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for the Tandem Pantry.

  • Shelves should be positioned above or below door hinges
  • The minimum internal height is 60”
  • Frame can be mounted left or right
  • Standard angle hinges recommended



Informational Videos

Tandem Pantry by Clever Storage

Tandem Pantry Installation

Tandem Pantry Animation