An Introduction to Kitchen Cabinet Options

When it comes to kitchen renovations, budget and design plans are the biggest decisions to make. Kitchen renovation expenses can range from minor to major and it’s important to keep track of where the money is going. According to, cabinets alone can account for 30 percent of your renovation budget. Should you replace your cabinets or revitalize them? Either way, the decision needs to be made before you begin your project.

There are three types of kitchen cabinets to choose from: stock, semi-custom, and custom

  • Stock cabinets come in set standard sizes, already assembled, and there is not much room for customization. They are typically found in stores like Lowes and Home Depot. They are the most cost-effective type of cabinet, so if your budget overrules your design, they may be the best option.
  • Semi-custom cabinets provide small modification options and are available to order through a catalog, cabinet manufacturers, or kitchen designers. They are a nice intermediary between stock and custom cabinets, including their price point. Sizing is usually standard, but adjustments to depth, finish, and color can be made.
  • Custom cabinets are made-to-order and are available through cabinet manufacturers or kitchen designers. Everything from the dimensions, styles, materials, and finishes are entirely customizable. The luxury of custom cabinets can come at a hefty price, considering the endless design possibilities.

There are two types of cabinet frames to choose from: framed and frameless

  • Traditional American style cabinets are framed, which include a frame on the front that holds drawers and doors in place. They provide durability and ensure that the drawers and doors align symmetrically with the cabinet. Framed cabinets can be found in country, cottage, and old world style kitchens.
  • Frameless cabinets are a more European style, which is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They contain drawers and doors that are connected directly to the base unit, creating a minimalistic appearance. Frameless cabinets can be found in contemporary, modern, and transitional style kitchens. According to the Woodworking Network, frameless cabinets are among one of this year’s top trends.

Last but not least, it is always comforting to know that the cabinets you select are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. There are two seals available to assure the quality/durability and environmental sustainability of the cabinets meet your expectations. For more information, please visit

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