Custom hardwood organization for drawers, deep drawers, and pantries.

Custom hardwood organization for drawers and pantries

The StraightLine collection is comprised of 25 handcrafted pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a huge range of organizational systems for standard depth drawers, deep drawers, and Kesseböhmer’s Dispensa and Lavido pantries. Available in three finishes, Black Ash, Walnut and Birch, to complement any kitchen design!

Wooden box with grip holes
Square wooden box with grip holes
Cutlery insert
Multifunction insert
Cross insert
Foil wrap dispenser
Spice insert
Knife block
Drawer box (large)
Spice insert
Spice containers
Drawer box (small)
Metal divider with grip holes
Plate rack
Organization base plate
Depth extender
Divider (large)
Divider small
Round post (4-pieces)
Storage box with lid and grip holes
Metal divider U-shape
Diagonal grid

StraightLine organization for standard depth drawers

StraightLine is constructed from solid wood and available in three finishes, Black Ash, Walnut and Birch. The StraightLine drawer organization system is fully customizable, ensuring your kitchen drawers are organized and just as beautiful as your kitchen design. StraightLine is perfect for bathroom drawer organization too!

Need some design inspiration? View our StraightLine Catalog and Drawer Sets Brochure here.

Organize your deep drawers with our customized line of inserts

StraightLine allows you to make the most of your deep kitchen drawer organization. The customizable line of inserts is designed to maximize storage. Removable plate racks and boxes keep the items you use most easily within reach. Anti-slip bumpers ensure your items always stay put! Accessories—dividers, round posts, and anti-slip bumpers—are easily inserted into any of the multiple holes in the bottom panel.

View our StraightLine Catalog and Drawer Sets Brochure here.

StraightLine Organization for Lavido & Dispensa Pantries


StraightLine will keep your pantry organized and looking great! Drawer boxes keep items tidy on shelves while boxes with grip holes enable easy removal of the entire box’s contents. Mix and match styles for a customized pantry storage solution.


All StraightLine pieces are constructed using the finest hardwood available. BLACK ASH is a beautifully stained wood that brings elegance and contrast to your kitchen organization.  StraightLine WALNUT adds a rich, refined look to your kitchen.  BIRCH brings a clean, modern look to the StraightLine organization system. 

Black Ash