Add storage space on the inside of your wall cabinet doors

WALL TANDEM Pantry Product Overview

Increase the function of your small wall cabinets by adding storage space on the inside of the door with WALL TANDEM. This practical storage solution substantially increases the storage capacity of small upper cabinets! The unit is simple to install and is intended to be used with shallow shelves to provide maximum visibility to the items you use most. WALL TANDEM is constructed so that the weight of the items stored is supported by the cabinet floor rather than by the door, allowing for an unbelievable 57-pound load rating.


  • Easy access to the items you use the most
  • Shelves are adjustable in height
  • Door load is supported by the cabinet floor, not the door
  • 57 lb. load rating

Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for the Wall Tandem Pantry.


Ordering Instructions
  1. Choose a frame set. Includes frame, door guide, and pivot brackets.
  2. Order 1 set of door shelves per frame. Each set contains 3 shelves.