All ARENA variants combine functionality and design with maximum space utilization because the railing is attached to the outer edge of the tray. Our tray options include ARENA Classic and ARENA style. Both designs combine steel rails and a melamine covered chipboard center to make our pantry pullouts, corner, base, and wall cabinet units functional and beautiful.

ARENA Classic blends style and function with an attractive rounded rail. This elegant rail design is available in a Chrome or powder-coated Champagne finish. ARENA Style is our most recent shelving design, offering a modern take on our esteemed ARENA Classic. This modern, flat rail design is available in Chrome or Anthracite and is exclusively offered with an Anthracite tray. The ARENA Select trays for the Lavido pantry are another trendsetting combination of wood and metal from Kesseböhmer’s StraightLine wooden inserts.

ARENA Classic

The ARENA Classic blends style and mobility by boasting a fluid, rounded rail. ARENA Chrome pairs steel rails with a maple or white shelf surface to complement your cabinet’s interior.  ARENA Champagne, a North American exclusive, blends a sleek, powder-coated champagne rail with a maple melamine surface.


The ARENA Style is our most recent shelving design for the North American market. It offers a modern take on our esteemed Classic by combining straight lines with a sleek single rail. ARENA Style is now available with a chrome rail and an anthracite shelf bottom, or powder-coated anthracite rail with matching anthracite bottom.

ARENA Select

ARENA Select has a low metal edging either with a chipboard base panel. Like all other ARENA trays, the bottom panel is bonded seamlessly with the railing. A beautifully crafted, solid wood frame is dropped into the metal edging. Available in Walnut, Birch or Black Ash, the open frames harmonize perfectly with the StraightLine range of organizer elements available from Kesseböhmer.


Kesseböhmer developed the special ARENA Plus coating to prevent pots and pans, groceries and utensils from slipping and sliding when a pullout is opened, or a carousel turned. ARENA Plus is a patented, highly effective anti-slip coating applied to Kesseböhmer’s ARENA shelves. ARENA Plus ensures that items stored stay in place even when Kesseböhmer’s products are in motion! This one-of-a-kind surface is resilient against household cleaners and chemicals, as well as everyday stains.  ARENA Plus comes standard on both ARENA Classic and ARENA Style shelves.

ClickFixx – Making assembly faster and simpler.

It’s simple and fast. The new ClickFixx system for WASTEBIN pulloutBASE pullout, and DISPENSA pantry cuts assembly time and guarantees a high standard of error-free assembly. Both the front panel and the support frame connector are clipped on in a quick, toolless process! And then all it takes is a screwdriver for gap adjustment.

ClickFixx Benefits:

  • The front panel and the support frame connector are clipped on in a quick, toolless process
  • Saves twice as much time
  • Quick and easy real-time adjustment


SoftSTOPP, SoftSTOPPplus & SoftSTOPPpro provide the best combination as a high-performance damping system for cabinets designed to take high loads. SoftSTOPP delivers damped closing, SoftSTOPPpro delivers dampened opening, and SoftSTOPPplus delivers damped closing plus self-closing