User-friendly corner unit solution where cabinet doors tuck behind and turn with the carousel

REVO Product Overview

The newest corner cabinet storage innovation, REVO smoothly and effortlessly rotates the doors around the inside of your corner cabinet, along with the shelving carousel. Upon returning to the front of the cabinet, the doors close automatically. A newly developed control mechanism enables controlled action through all phases. Doors softly fold in, the unit swiftly rotates, and doors close automatically. The rotational speed can easily be adjusted without tools. Thanks to rotational damping, the action turns into a fully customized experience.


  • Available for a 36″ pie-cut corner cabinet only
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Doors tuck into the cabinet and spin around with trays
  • Closing speed can be easily adjusted without tools
  • 55 lb. per shelf load rating

Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for the Revo.


Ordering Instructions
  1. Order a Revo hardware set. Includes bearing, all brackets, and post.
  2. Choose your shelves. 2 shelves per set. Available in 5 color/finish combinations.