Maximize your blind corner cabinet storage with the accessibility of LeMans!

LEMANS Product Overview

Modeled after the Le Mans racetrack, this shelving system combines a sleek, modern design with ease of access to blind corner cabinets that are often underutilized. Our patented four-arm articulation system, optional soft-close mechanism, and ARENA Plus shelves ensure a smooth open and close while keeping stored items in their place. Have a corner kitchen pantry cabinet? The LeMans is also available in a taller, highboard option!


  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Door opening of 85 degrees allows shelves to fully extend
  • Independently moving shelves
  • 55 lb. load rating per shelf
  • OPTIONAL double-height, stackable unit: LeMans Highboard
  • Available with soft close
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Double your storage with the Highboard kit. Order two complete LeMans sets plus the Highboard tall post. 50 inches high.

LeMans Highboard Kit

Restricts travel of shelves when an extra-deep appliance or cabinet is adjacent to the LeMans. Set of two clips. Shown in champagne.

Restrictor Clip

For a smooth close every time! Available for right or left side opening. Be sure to specify side when ordering.

Door Stabilizer

Required in situations where an over-sized face-frame is present or when using the smallest sized LeMans.


Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for the LeMans.

  • The minimum internal cabinet height is 21 1/2”
  • Four-way adjustable block changes travel of shelves
  • Includes gauge for quick and easy installation
  • We have 4 sizes of shelves to clear cabinet openings 14” – 23”
  • For LeMans Highboard, please order two complete LeMans sets
Ordering Instructions
  1. Order a complete LeMans set. Includes 2 shelves, 4 shelf support arms, mounting post, hardware, and measuring gauge.
  2. Order accessories. Customize the LeMans to suit your needs. See below for accessory information.
  3. Order an optional Highboard kit. Order 2 complete LeMans sets plus the Highboard kit for double the storage.

Product Videos

LeMans II Installation

LeMans Engineering

LeMans by Clever Storage

LeMans Animation