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There’s just something about the new year that makes it motivating and enticing for improvement and change. Why not begin with your kitchen? Remodeling or renovating your kitchen is a great start to kick off the new year. It will take proper budgeting and planning, but that will pay off once you get to see (and work in) your new and improved space.

Here are 8 design element trends and tips to consider for 2018:

1. Storage space maximization

The more you stuff you have, the less space there is to put everything. Fixtures with pull out shelves like our many products here at Kesseböhmer, provide maximum space utilization by making everything accessible. Drawer organizers, such as our StraightLine  suite of products, keep everything in your drawers in place and easy to find. Wastebin pullouts conceal your garbage and recyclables, making them virtually invisible, while helping to mask garbage odors.

2. Two-toned cabinets

The contrast of two-toned cabinets in the kitchen add more dimension and character. One of the most popular designs is differing colors on the wall and base cabinets, typically the darker or bolder color on the bottom and the lighter color on top. This emphasizes the use of space in your kitchen and if you grow tired of one of your color choices, they can be swapped out during a weekend project.

3. Cabinet Functionality

The technology and engineering used to create automated cabinets is growing more and more popular. The traditional cabinet opens horizontally, resembling a door. Newer cabinets are starting to adopt vertical openings for efficient storage space, as well as automated openings to make it easier on the user if their hands are dirty. Our  FREElift family of lifters combines innovative technology with a sleek design, to provide a flawless cabinet system. There are a variety of options to choose from the FREElift family, including Slide, Flap, Swing, and Fold, which all operate in the direction they are named after. Say goodbye to standard cabinetry and bring in the new year with a unique approach!

4. Flooring

Dealing with spills and messes in the kitchen is inevitable and hardwood floors can make life a whole lot easier compared to tile. They are easier on the feet and back, not as cold, and easier to clean than grout. Hardwood floors also help to maintain consistency throughout the home, especially if you have an open concept living/dining/kitchen area and you have wood floors in other areas of your house. Opt to have the flooring of the kitchen flow with the rest of the house so it’s easier on the eyes. Some prefer tile over hardwood because of its durability. However, a plate is more likely to break on tile whereas it may just leave a dent on hardwood. It ultimately depends on your preference of maintenance difficulty and the overall look.

5. Appliance upgrades

Appliances can be the most expensive part of kitchen renovation, but they can also be the most worthwhile investment. Reliable appliances require less frequent replacements, and they get the job done smoothly. Stainless steel appliances are still the most popular finish today; however, slate and black stainless steel are on the rise. Black stainless steel works best with a darker kitchen with darker wood shades and may be better suited to a larger space with ample natural light. If you have a small kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, stainless steel appliances are probably your best bet.

6. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important and often overlooked elements of a great kitchen. A well-planned lighting system can highlight focal points in your kitchen (your beautiful new gas range, amazing backsplash tile work, or show off the detail in your countertops), make it easier for you to find what you need quickly, and allow you to work as efficiently as possible.  A blend of natural light and clever light fixtures/locations can increase your creativity and make your kitchen flourish. Consider recessed lighting for large spaces, unique pendants for a pop of color and character, or a big, bold chandelier for your dining table or breakfast nook..

7. Color

A splash of color in your kitchen makes for a great focal point. Whether it’s on your sink, cabinets, dining table, backsplash, or even your appliances, the contrast with an otherwise monotone kitchen can create a warm and inviting space. Copper sinks complement copper fixtures elsewhere in the kitchen and grab attention. Cobalt blue or deep plum are trending kitchen colors right now and you’ll see that numerous appliance companies are coming out with blue stoves and refrigerators. Just keep in mind that your favorite color may not be someone else’s, so if you’re planning to sell in a year or two, future buyers may be worth taking into consideration.

8. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the current Queen of countertops. An engineered material made from natural stone, it is durable, easy to clean, and has a wide range of price points. With a variety of finishes and patterns to choose from, quartz countertops can actually mimic the look of higher maintenance materials such as marble and granite.

For more inspiration and advice on home design, Houzz is the perfect social media platform to jump into when it comes to planning for remodeling. You can find and get in touch with local designers and manufacturers, search Ideabooks for designs and layouts you’ve been dreaming of, and connect with other users for opinions and recommendations. Be sure to follow us on Houzz to keep up with our latest products and projects.

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